Does ‘TAM’ Matter?

Traditional wisdom suggests you need to target a large market if you want to build a large business. Yet quite a few entrepreneurs and venture capital investors have challenged this line of thinking, suggesting that market size – often referred to as the total addressable market (TAM) – should essentially be ignored. Focus on solving a real problem, solve it well and the TAM will take care of itself, or so this logic goes. Read more

10 Most Essential Slides from 2019 Meeker Report

Brief Context: I have a tremendous amount of respect for the time and thought that goes into crafting this annual report. Virtually no one in the industry does it better than Mary Meeker and team, which is why I set aside time each year to read the memo end-to-end. This year, I attempted the nearly impossible task of distilling the 334 pages down to just my 10 most essential slides. Read more

Soundstripe – Keeping Creatives Creating

We are thrilled to announce our recent investment in Nashville-based Soundstripe, a tech-forward stock music production and digital distribution company. Vocap led the Series A round of over $4M, which will be used to accelerate growth, expand its music library, add new revenue streams, and further improve its incredible user experience. See our one-sheet thesis statement below, which outlines why we are so excited:  Read more

Precision Medicine Reality Check

The Hype, the Hurdles, and the Opportunities   Given Vocap’s activity and interest in the healthcare IT space, we’ve kept a close pulse on the rise of precision medicine. In both our deal flow and industry conversations, the concept has been bubbling up with increasing frequency. So much so that we thought it would be worthwhile to take stock on our latest perspective on the topic, which is informed by having seen a cross section of early, inno... Read more