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I frequently field questions from entrepreneurs and angel investors about Convertible Debt, and more recently about SAFEs (Simple Agreement for Future Equity).  This is a topic that many have written about, so I thought it might help to do a quick post summarizing Vocap’s perspective and then provide some links to more thorough pieces written… Read More


I recently had the pleasure of hearing Jim Mckelvey – well known philanthropist, celebrated artist, accomplished author and, oh yeah… co-founder of Square – speak at a conference where he addressed the concept of timing with a particularly poignant analogy.

Glass Blowing

It’s easy to be a cynic when it comes to industry trade shows and conferences, as the formula at most of them is pretty tired and familiar. You can waste both your time and your marketing budget at these events (and I have ended up doing both). But a conference also offers a rare opportunity… Read More


Ask this question of Tech CEOs and you can get a lot of different answers.  I can tell you from the scars on my own back as a SaaS operator, customer satisfaction is definitely not the attainment of a uniform result across all customers.  I’ve had customers who were thrilled with what I thought were completely… Read More

Customer Service

The Spring MarTech Conference was held last week in San Francisco.  Vocap and the team from Social123 joined what appeared to be 1,000+ attendees packed into a pretty tight space at Hilton Union Square on Monday and Tuesday.  The following are some quick take-aways that Mike and I had from the conference.

2016 MarTech Landscape