Respecting the How *and* the When

I recently had the pleasure of hearing Jim Mckelvey – well known philanthropist, celebrated artist, accomplished author and, oh yeah… co-founder of Square – speak at a conference where he addressed the concept of timing with a particularly poignant analogy. (more…)

Another Record Year in MarTech

2015 was another record year for VC investment in Marketing Technology (a sector we track closely), continuing a multi-year trend of setting new high watermarks. MarTech Investment According to Pitchbook Data, ... Read more

Catching a (Permanent) Tax Break

As part of a sweeping, 887-page tax bill passed by Congress on December 18, risk-taking entrepreneurs and investors who create jobs through building businesses will now be rewarded for their efforts with lessened tax burdens.  (more…)

Forecast Modeling for Early Tech Co’s

As technology venture investors, we are presented with a wide variety of forecast models.  Given that we typically lead or participate in Series A / Series B rounds, we are often evaluating companies that are still relatively young (read: lean).  Understandably, many of these companies have yet to establish a dedicated finance function, so the task of developing a forecast model can fall – at least in part – on the CEO or some other, more operati... Read more