On ‘Adblockalypse’

A lot of attention has been given to the rise of ad blocking apps, particularly in light of Apple’s recent release of their new mobile operating system, iOS 9, which facilitates ad blocking on mobile websites (A Day After iOS 9’s Launch, Ad Blockers Top The App Store).  This is certainly a monumental move which has predictably stired a great deal of controversy in the last few ... Read more

Why We Love Marketing Tech

In our dual role as technology investors and mentors to our partner companies, we spend a lot of time evaluating the latest marketing technology.  Several on our team have backgrounds in MarTech, and we have a strong focus on deploying more capital in this area.  As the folks at ChiefMarTec visualized below, we are living in a rapidly changing marketing environment.  Digital media production and consumption continues to grow at an exponential rate, which has birthed a n... Read more

Unicorn Obsession

My daily reading habit is kind of like my workout habit; some days, it just doesn’t go as planned.  For proof of this, you need only look at my unread email count (a scary 2,557). I got a little spotty in my TechCrunch reading over the summer, so this past weekend I circled back to some old  articles and stumbled upon Greg Sand’s (Costanoa Venture Capital) June post on ‘The R... Read more

Coming Soon: Smart Marketing Tech in Everything You Touch

Much attention has been given to the recent growth in the marketing technology sector – as we’ve seen firsthand, the number of solutions in the marketplace keeps multiplying and venture investment continues to pour in.  There are some good reasons for this exuberance, and it’s becoming clearer that we can add one more to the list… and it could be one of the biggest yet.   Read more