Another Record Year in MarTech

2015 was another record year for VC investment in Marketing Technology (a sector we track closely), continuing a multi-year trend of setting new high watermarks. MarTech Investment According to Pitchbook Data, ... Read more

Pipeline or Pipedream

As you might imagine, we see a lot of hockey stick financial models and fluffy sales pipelines in the course of evaluating potential investments.  I was certainly guilty of producing some pretty optimistic projections myself during my time on the other side of the table (I still chuckle when I look back at some of our startup and early stage projections…they were very much reflective of the ‘dot-com bubble’).  To be fair, if you are not optimistic, you are probably no... Read more

Catching a (Permanent) Tax Break

As part of a sweeping, 887-page tax bill passed by Congress on December 18, risk-taking entrepreneurs and investors who create jobs through building businesses will now be rewarded for their efforts with lessened tax burdens.  (more…)