About Us

Why “White Hat / Black Hat”?
As a firm led by experienced operators turned venture capitalists, we know how to build great technology businesses. Our approach to financing and guiding high-potential businesses leverages this unique and evolving blend of perspectives, out of which arises many useful insights that we enjoy sharing with entrepreneurs and investors alike.

About Vocap
Vocap Investment Partners (VIP) provides capital and operational knowhow to management teams innovating in large, opportunistic markets. Our firm is led by experienced operators that assist our partner companies in creating value over a two to five year time horizon. We primarily focus on growth stage investment opportunities on the East Coast of the U.S., and specialize in B2B software, technology-enabled businesses and healthcare IT. Vocap has offices in Vero Beach, FL and Atlanta, GA.

VIP Logo Compact

For more information on the firm and our investment parameters, please visit Vocap’s website.